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How to manage product feature requests

We all know how vital it is to build a solid relationship with your customers while also understanding their concerns regarding your product. None can disagree with the fact that to develop an authentic and most valuable product in the market, one must have a regular touch with their loyal customers. Moreover, your target should be to keep your customers happy by regularly taking feedback on the product to build the perfect features. 

Dedication and experiment are the top most critical phenomena while creating a product. Now just imagine, you have worked painstakingly on your brand-new product and you are pretty confident that it is going to be a winner in the first place, but it turns out none of your customers really cared about it. How disheartening is that? 

Happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? Getting a bunch of feature requests is a positive challenge to have since it shows your consumers are interested in improving your product. But it is also crucial to properly handle these feature requests and maintain track of client feedback so you do not waste time creating features that your clients do not want.

Clients can submit feature requests via a variety of methods. On your sales website, emails, social media, or phone, provide contact forms or webchat. You may either keep records of these requests in the support software your firm employs or in the project management tool, depending on the procedure you have in place. Nevertheless, the majority of input is likely lost throughout your organization’s numerous various tools.

Many popular feedback tools can fit in best for your company. Tools that can collect all feedback from customers and requests in one place and provide you with real-time, up-to-date information on what your users really want is the best bet. Setting up a system in place that ensures your product decisions are based on actual customer data rather than gut and empiricism.

Feature requests are first-class citizens of your company

Feature requests and customer reviews, like all other essential aspects of the firm such as the project and source code, must be treated as first-class entities and maintained in their own space. 

Will you use Dropbox to store source code or Google Docs to manage current projects? When you try to accomplish that, you will notice something is not quite right. In the same vein, you are doing something incorrect if you are handling feature requests in project management tools like Trello or customer support systems. These tools might work well at first because you are familiar with them and it is a low-cost method to get started, but judgments would quickly be dependent on gut and intuition rather than actual evidence. 

Tools like hello next, UserVoice, cadet, etc., extract feature requests and user feedback from a jumble of other unimportant data, giving you a clear view of which features are most in demand. It also allows you to interact with your consumers on the creation of new features, ensuring that the features you are creating are in demand.

Demonstrate to your consumers that you care.

In many respects, developing and constructing in the dark may be destructive. You will discover that keeping your consumers informed about product development and soliciting regular input can help your business succeed and decrease turnover.

We have discovered that public panels are an excellent method to put this idea into practice. It allows your consumers to see and comment on what you are working on, forcing you to engage and interact with them regularly. It also generally decreases support load and saves your user’s the trouble of writing duplicate emails by allowing them to go through previous requests to see whether what they want is already in the works.

Over to you

It would be much easier to gather and handle client feedback and feature requests if you had a dedicated platform to do so. It would also eliminate misunderstanding among your staff. When you know your product decisions are backed by facts rather than gut, you will be a more confident Founder or Product Manager! Using tools that would provide previously unknown insights regarding feature requests and provide your team with a clear sense of direction is our best bet and will be yours too if you take a demo with any best customer feedback software before trusting our words. Common people, it’s time to impress your customers and make them feel heard! Follow the above tips and you will get there soon. Our promise! We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing this one.

Happy reading!


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